SE145.0045 - EASA.21J.339 - SE.21G.0016 - LFS2007:47
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Military Aviation Authority


Reference: FSI 074

Pursuant to the Aviation Act (2010:500) and FFS 1997:15 and RML as amended, and subject to the conditions specified in Swedish Armed Forces document: FM2014-5294, the MiIitary Aviation Authority hereby certifies:


as an approved RML-V-64 Maintenance Organisation (MO) to maintain the aeronautical products listed in the Terms of authorisation, attached to doc: FM2O14- 5294


  1. This approval is limited to that specified in the scope of work section of the RML-V-64 approved RML supplement (BAM RML) to BAM EASA Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE), and

  2. This approval requires compliance with the procedures specified in the RML-V-64 approved RML supplement (BAM RML) to BAM trASA Maintenance Organisation Frposition (MOE), and

  3. This approval is valid whilst the approved organisation remains in compliance with RML.

  4. Subject to compliance with the foregoing conditions, this approval shall remain valid for an unlimited duration until the approval is surrendered, superseded, suspended or revoked.
 June 11, 2014

Klas Jonsson
Director of Military Aviation Authority, FSI


Current version of Terms of approval (Särskilda villkor) approval is attached to Swedish Armed Forces document: FM2014-5294. This document may be amended separately by the MAA within the framework of the conditions for this approval.