SE145.0045 - EASA.21J.339 - SE.21G.0016 - LFS2007:47
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WORKSHOPS - Maintenance Repair and Overhaul

At Bromma Air Maintenance AB, our team of professionals is committed to providing you with quality work and a high level of service. In addition to avionics, Bromma Air Maintenance AB offers five specialized workshops staffed by experienced and well trained technicians.

A six month warranty period is offered on all repairs & overhauls sold to the original purchaser.




+46 8 566 190 20

Bromma Air Maintenance AB
Hangar 4, Bromma Airport
S-168 67 Bromma
Phone: +46-8 566 190 00
Fax: +46-8 566 190 90


Our battery repair and overhaul shop services Ni-Cad batteries and  Lead-acid batteries. We are well known for short lead times and flexible services. Our professional personnel are well trained and equipped for both sealed and flooded batteries. Some of our service:

  • Deep cycle
  • Capacity check
  • Periodic check
  • Regular check

On our capability list you find all major manufacturers like Concorde, Gill, Marathon,Saft, Varta and Hawker.


The NDT inspector at Bromma Air Maintenance AB holds a PCN Level 2 qualification for both material and structural inspections. All jobs are carried out in accordance with EN4179 and NAS410. Component services are provided in our NDT shop (Stockholm-Bromma Airport)  and we ensure short turnaround time, supporting logistics services based on the customer needs and comprehensive pricing.

  • Eddy current
  • Liquid penetrant
  • Magnetic particle
  • On-site NDT service


We only use high quality paint and other raw material at our paint shop, we take extreme caution in ensuring quality and all paint processes are performed by the book to ensure long-lasting appearance. The core business of our paint shop is material and component painting but we handle most tasks of aircraft partial painting when it's required during a maintenance process. We pride ourselves with very skilled technicians, understanding paint products, application and refurbishment techniques.

  • Airframe partial strip and paint jobs
  • Airframe corrosion, dent and repair touch-ups
  • Bare metal stripping, paint strip and refinish
  • Component surface priming and painting
  • Windshield and window replacement touch-ups


Our sheet metal workshop is a cornerstone for our Part-145 maintenance business and the facility is also important to our Part-21 team, manufacturing most prototypes and products.

Welding repair services are available for aircraft structure and components. Our welders have the authority to weld aluminum alloys, carbon and low alloy steels, corrosion and heat resistant steels and nickel alloys using the Tungsten Inert Gas method of welding.

We strive to keep a healthy stock of related raw materials and parts in order to minimize lead times during scheduled maintenance and AOG situations. The shop stocks products such as alcad aluminum 2024T3 and 6061T6, rivets, collars, and hi-loks.


The wheel shop overhauls and assembles a wide range of aircraft wheel assemblies. We have the ability and experience to service virtually any aircraft listed in our scope of work. We offer quick turnaround times, working personally with our customers to meet any deadlines or any service needed.

Standard turnaround times are 3-5 days on a tire change service and 7-10 days on an overhaul. Upon an AOG situation we can turn tire changes around as quickly as 36 hours. For tire support we provide primarily new tires from Air Michelin, Good Year and Bridgestone. Retreaded tires can be provided upon special request.

All overhauls and repairs are executed according to EASA regulations and to the fullest extent of the OEM manuals.